July 12, 2008

-Healthy Hang Out Place-

This place was discovered by Kent Teo's sister. Thanks to her, we found a new nice place to hang out. -The Mage Cafe-

Located at Damansara Jaya. Exactly where is kinda hard to tell but the shop is facing Atria/Giant. If walking pass the shop it looks very empty and quite nothing special about until you become their customer.

The shop opens from 11.00am until 12 midnight and their special service is providing board games for their customer. Of course have to pay RM5 per-person but there is no time limit for it. Play as many board games you like. Just pick.

So if u plan to go at 11.00am play until 12 midnight the owner will not kick you out from the shop. Besides that, they also selling food and drinks which is not too bad.

The amount of board games in the shop is really WOW. I mean WOW!!! i have never seen so many different type of board games in 1 place and it is not those cheap type. It is those weird and expensive board games. Dunno play board games? Is ok. There is a guy named Ryan aka Boss will teach and guide until the game ends.

Lets take a look in the shop.

Left side of the shop. Rack full of board games and there are 2 sets of comfy sofa for people to sit and enjoy their board games.

Besides that, there is also table and chair. This is right side of the shop. There are also board games on the racks.

Computer service also available.

He is Sexy Yoei. Sexiest fella in the group and yum cha planner.

We went at 8.30pm and not long after my dinner. So I dint order any food but just a drink.
First Love.

Carbonated drink mix with ribena with lychee topping. Is almost the same as Sparkling Ribena. It is not a very sweet drink very nice. Cost Rm4.50 only.

Then, Ryan approach us and introduced a game to us which is kinda like memory and laughing game.

This is my pet in the game. Is a kangaroo. No a Dog! eh no kangaroo. No Dog.
A kangaroo!!

How to play? lazy to tell in here. Go there and find out yourself.
Not long later, this game not syok enough. So we change to another game. Horror and scary game. Dunno what name.
My character "Heather Granville". Yes it is a girl!
The beginning.
Everyone busy with the game, but Yoei. Tsk Tsk Tsk

The end of the game.

It took us almost an hour to learn how to play the game but not really know the ENTIRE game must play longer and of course must not leave out the walking guide book, Ryan. Hehehe

Is a really nice place to hang around instead of invest the amount of money in Cyber Cafe. OMG i don't believe I'm telling u all these. IS TRUE!!!!

That's all I wanna say about this place. Anyone of you interested in this place and leave a msg beside or call me. Now i wanna sleep. Nitez

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