July 3, 2008

-The '89 Island Holiday-

The moment i have been waiting for after 3 days of choosing and uploading photo until it comes to an end!!!

This trip has been planned for months and many research has been made among the resorts along East Coast before it came to reality.

First of all, "Lang Tengah" our destination. The reason y we choose Lang Tengah is because there was not much choices for our budget. Travel in a private van in a 7 hours journey from midnight till sunrise. Believe it or not? It is DAM SCARY!!! Few of us in the van dint really sleep.

Not long after we reached Merang Jetty where everyone will meet up and take a boat to the island, our 2 Model start photo fever liow.

-Li Hui-

-Pui San-

Opps sorry, i forgotten to list out the people in the trip!

-Me*of course*, Yu Chen, Pui San, Li hui, Nico, Li Yeong, Ky and Henri Wong!!!-* Thats right people u all dint read wrongly is Henri Wong. His IC number is 89****-**-****

Hours of suffering in the van, we finally reach our place!!

The Grand Entrance of Lang Sari Resort.

View in front of the resort :

Right side of the beach
Left side on the beach
Small and short jetty. Thanks to this jetty, we dont need to jump into the water =)

Besides the jetty, the resort also has a platform with table and chairs for their guest to enjoy the stars during night time.

Once Pui San settle everything at the reception we head to our room.

Me and Yu Chen's room. Room 215 =). *For ur info in Pui San's blog the room 215 people she talking about is US!! =)

Front view in front of our room. Coconut Tree without coconut.

1st day of our arrival, there was no snorkel trip but our own free time. So, i decided to take a short nap in my room but those 3 monkey were to active and this is wat they did =.=

Li Yeong is like hugging his home teddy bear =/ Yeong that is KY!!!!

Nico join the fun!!!

They were too noisy until i woke up from my beauty sleep and could not sleep back. So we start our beach volleyball at 12 noon!! of all time 12 NOON!!

When we were enjoying ourself, suddenly got 1 spore student asked us wethere they can join us anot. As a friendly Msian*Bangga* we said ok. Let's play!!

That fella went back to his chalet and told his fella friend. Wah...all of them quickly wear their sunny, apply sun block macam banyak pro!! Of course we were like. OK we are in deep shit. Sure kena bungkus la.

-The Malaysian Student VS Singaporean Student-

Before the game start, they asked us do we knoe how to play anot. We said nop and they also dunno!! 2 newbie team playing volleyball. At the beginning takut for nth! XD

While all the guys were cooking under the hot sun, the gals sat at the dining area and watched us get cooked. Besides that, they complain boring =.= How boring can it be??

Oh my dear girl's face memang looks boring wor. Opps

Ok my bad! Li Hui's face is memang showing a VERY BORING face. =/

1.30pm *ting ting ting* someone rang the bell and it is LUNCH TIME!! Gosh i was so hungry and thirsty at the same time.

-Vege + Curry Lamb + Ketchup Chicken-
-Chicken Tom Yum Soup-

The food is nice!! Better than other island resort.
The curry actually taste spicy and must not forget the tom yum. Oh the taste of sour and spicy cukup kao!!! Bagus!!!

-God of Gambler-

For dinner, we had vege, sotong, chicken and egg. Okok nia..average. I still prefer lunch!!!After dinner, we all group in Room 212. Play cards to burn our time.

Next morning after breakfast is our


The boat that brought us out for snorkel 'Redang Mesra 6'
-The KL Travellors-
-Yu Chen and Me-
On the boat we met a cute baby gal name Lisa.
-Yu Chen-Pui San-Lisa and her mom-

*off the record la, both of them jealous of the kid's eye lashes* XD

-God of Gambler-

The reason we name him God of Gambler is because he always run away from the camera. This he dint realise i took his picture!! SHhhhh

The fishes at the snorkeling spot. Small, lots and Ganas!

Snorkeling makes our body exhausted, so we manage to conquer a hammock, a swing and some chair under the tree!! Real windy, cooling and nice view. Easily fall asleep! XD
Look how relax those who are lying down. Ishhh

Besides just sleeping we found another relax therapy =)

MerMan with boobs.
Turtle with an extra leg Li Yeong looks like felt asleep and Nico always busy with his boobs.

Not far from the tree, KY and I went towards the rocks and behind the rocks is a nother resort. Besides that, I dicovered something which is dam nice for the computer/ hp wallpaper. Let u all leech it la =)

Picture A

Picture B
Picture C

No more! those bottom are not!! Ignore it! Just the top 3!

Wonder who are they??

Any clue??
Pui San and Nico busy torturing a sea cucumber. Haihz..

The Lucky Fella again between the rocks.

Camera-man wants another shot. Lets go 1 2 3!!! C my Blur girl!! Always so blur dunno what is happening that time. ><
1 Full day outside the room. Hang out at the beach. There goes the day light and here comes night! At night what else can we do?? so we drink and play a deadly card game.

The '6' group or also can call us the P**** group XD

Before we leave the island, we quickly snap photo around the places.


Then as always Pui San in the photo.Lalalala

-The BackPacker/Turtle-

Bye Bye Lang Sari!! Bye Bye Lang Tengah ='(

In my personal opinion, the place is really nice. Water condition clear and nice. clean beach. white sandy beach. no kids runnning up and down. No babie crying early in the morning.


The beach is very small. Lots of dead coral at the beach and sea cucumber in the shallow water!

An hour ride from the island back to mainland. Haihz so sien. Speedboat only takes about 40 minutes and more fun!!!


David and Randy from the Spore group. Guess they were too bored on the boat. Hehehe

Once we reached back Merang Jetty we hop into our van and dropped Pui San and Li Hui to the airport. Talking about the airport, it gave me a shocked. Terengganu has a new airport with air-con in it!!

I i dint knoe about it. It is not even 2 months old. All new. Fulamak wei.. Spend 5 freaking hours in there also no problem ar! Janji ada air-con that place is paradise at that moment la!

Instead of spending hours in the airport for our flight we took a local tour to explore Kuala Terengganu Tourist Area.

The Chinatown Entrance and Symbol

Chinatown street
Is that my family restoran?? Better check my family history..hmmmmm

A passage along the shop's corridoor. Looks like Melaka Town! XD
Walking along Chinatown makes us hungry. Come on we havent eat lunch. So i decided to go into Madam Bee's Kitchen. Henri and I felt this shop is special!!
Front view
Inside the shop got 4 tables only and a small stall!

Terengganu Laksa.

Noodle everything like Asam Laksa but the paste is different, It uses mashed fish meat with a very special chilli sauce. Mix everything together makes the dish goes WOW. A must not miss dish! Is abit sweet and mild spicy taste

Mee Siam.

Not too bad. Mihun with shreded fried eggs and chili.

Terengganu Rojak

Given few pieces of Keropok and few pieces of cut keropok lekor in the rojak with vege mix together with their rojak sauce.

Curry Laksa.

Stim Keropok Lekor.

Nasi Briyani

Nasi Panggang. *FOC*

How we get this Nasi Panggang for free? The story might be like this!! MIGHT BE! might be not real or might be real!! Well I add all the puzzle together and figure it out.

-Once i walk in keep snapping picture.
-Food comes i snap.
-Once Nico and others tried my food, he gave rating 3.5/5
-We discuss the ingredient used in the paste.
-Nico asked what they cook together with the noodle.
-Boss looking at us with a strange look.
-FOC food comes.
-Look at other table dont have.
-Friendly owner.
-Asking opinion about the food.

Bubur Cha Cha with banana. Sweet potatoes with yam and the santan very smooth and strong flavour.

The food price range starts from RM2.50 until RM5 only. Besides that, drinks starts from RM0.30 until RM1.50

We enjoy all the good food while Pui San and Li Hui eating Airport food. Hehehe

After our lunch, we head to the boat yatch.

I wonder how rich do i need to be able to own a big ship like this?? hmmmm

Nico found the WarHammer

Die u Orc. Bang Bang Bang Die u!!! Die

Crystal Mosque
No Hypermarket in Terengganu but there is HyperRuncit.

Entrance into the chamber of the chopping board
Below the shop/gallery is a wide open area where u can see step by step how does a batik been produced.

Step 1

Step 2

Still in Step 2. This is hands free..weeeee


The colour part. Like how we used to do in our Seni class.

This is Central Market where u deal business with Idiots that dosent uses their brains to think!

This is real story happened at the CEntral Market.

My mom asked me to buy Mata Kuching because it is in season, so i walk along the street with yeong and yu chen and do some survey on the price and quality. All the stall are selling RM8/kg but suddenly got 1 old man which has a big head with brain size of a pea say he selling RM7/kg. So i ignore him cause i see the size of the mata kuching is small. Walk till the end, all are the same! So the place where they get it from must be from the same supplier, so I went back to the old pea brain man stall to buy. I asked his daughter how heavy in each bunch. Without asking me wanna buy anot she straight away put in the plastic bag and say RM8! WTH since when i wanna buy and just now was RM7!! Later on Li Yeong over heard it and he say aih same price duwan la then he tried to pull me away. Out of a sudden that old pea brain man said. Eh mau cari pasal ka?? he took out his fist and shout mau ni ka??? COME ON MAN HOW BIG IS UR FIST??? IS A SIZE OF AN APPLE!! And Li Yeong is like 1 head taller than him!! Small and old fella wanna fight???OMG!! Anyway we are not in KL so dint wanna bring up any trouble, i just pull Li Yeong off and DONATE the RM7 to the pea brain man and get out from there!

To all readers/tourist when u go to Central Market please think twice. 2nd please make sure you are not going alone!. 3rd Be prepare for a fight. So what eva ruBBish u are holding that might save ur life in some way.

Dont take my words for granted.
This is a turtle sold in the market. RM2 each. How on earth to put into the mouth and eat man...ewwww. Nico Tell me HOW???
Lastly, we settle our dinner with 1 Jumbo size Gardenia bread and tuna in the airport. Backpacker style. XD

-Yummy- Feeling our tummy and feeding blood to mosquito at the same time.

Li Yeong Wasnt satisfied with the bread so he went to the shop and bought a plate of Nasi Lemah that cost RM6.80

Nasi Lemak.

Finally Im done with the post. U can also go to Pui San, Nico or Ky blog to read about Lang Tengah.

Any Spelling or Grammer error please forgive me. I lazy to check liow.Have a nice day. Tata

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