June 5, 2008

-Season Food-

This post might be very common to most of the people here but this post is mainly for my sister =)

Remember this??
This is Jung! Some people might called it 'Pyramid' XD Inside got lots of stuff wrap up with some leaf. *Sam look at this...it is triangle not square de! =)
After taking off the dressing. Jung yang Bogel.
After ceraikan u will c some nasi pulut, mushroom, chestnut, dried shrimp, beans and pork. oh it is not halal.

Wont get to eat this during ordinary days unless u buy from morning/night market which is not nice. Yuck! Is too salty! tasteless! too hard! too kosong! expensive!

Oh this is homemade @ Limited Edition! Nothing can defeat home cook food!! Is not easy to do this! Need at least a day to complete everything like cooking the food, wrap and after wrapping still need to boil in a pot of hot water for hours!
-A Food That Can Never be Forgotten-

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