June 16, 2008

-Food Below the Wind-

Travel to East Malaysia again with my mom only. Place where nothing much to do or see but rich with fresh and cheap seafood. This time the destination is Sandakan. 80% of this trip was sponsored by a company which is not important in here, settled most of the bill in here =)

Taking a 2 Hours and 45 Minutes flight with AirAsia in the afternoon is hard to burn time. After the plane took off from LCCT I was bored so took out the camera and made a few shots.
Well, that was a bad idea! I was hungry after looking at the menu. Hey, come on dint have lunch ok! cant blame me for that! but is part of the marketing strategy!! So, next time people read anything but not the snack attack menu!

Set cost RM12. Nasi Lemak : RM8, Coffee : RM4
Pak Nasser Nasi Lemak. Portion very little, rice too much moisture but the sambal and curry chicken not too bad. Is spicy!! It even have ikan bilis and kacang!!

2 Hours and 45 Minutes flight is already bad for me. Imagine travel to Europe or U.S the hours of flight! @_@

Once we arrive, mom's friend, Nicholas picked us up and send us to our hotel which is a 4 star hotel.

Considered the best rated hotel in town and is only 4 star!! Used to be Equatorial but now changed to Sabah Hotel.
A deluxe room
Pool view!!!

Unpacked all the stuff, shower, walk around the hotel see see look look. Nothing Special about the hotel.

After burning some time, dinner time finally has arrive and my stomach was playing drum at that time! Head down to town, dinner here i come!!!

Kedai Ang Ban Guan located beside a mosque! thats all i know XD

Nicholas suggested to order their best dish :

*Butter Prawn* The sauce creamy! yummy. tasty and the big fat juicy prawn. Perfect dish!!

Tung Foong Loh

Once dig out from the shell u get the meat and just eat it or dip into chili sauce.

Stim Fish. If im not mistaken the name for this fish is "Lai Toh Yu" which is very common in Sabah but rare in Peninsular Malaysia. The sauce is sweet and spicy. I tasted wine in there as well.

Salt Baked Crab. Crispy and juicy crab. Crabs were not very big but their meat was juicy and the most important thing FRESH!!

After dinner, Nich brought us round Sandakan Town which only takes 10 minutes only. Imagine how big is the town! Once reached back hotel, jump on the bed and my eyes just shut by itself.

Next morning, I had breakfast at the Hotel Restaurant.

Any food in this photo LOUSY!!! Taste bad!! EEwwww

Nasi Lemak. Looks delicious?? WRONG!!! the rice is tasteless, sambal not spicy and the beef rendang =S Honestly, AirAsia nasi lemak taste better!!!
Pastry. Is tough is hard. This is the only dish i enjoyed! =(

In the Evening, went to the Central Market located in the town. The place is rated good for a market. The whole place was clean, dry and organised!

Selling dried seafood product.

Behind the dry product section is seafood

I dunno what kind of clam is this but it's definitely gave me a syoked! 1Kg is only RM3. EAch is about 500g-600g but the size is bigger than my hand.

Look at the size of the fish!

Funny looking fish. I wonder how to cook it =/
Kerang is nothing much special but imagine every one of it is almost the size of a softball!!

Bought 1Kg of Banana Prawns which is very rare in the market cost RM26/kg and a fish. Then we went back to the same restaurant as last night.
500g of stim prawns. Nothing was added on it. Taste 100% from the prawn itself and when u bite and chew the meat, taste of the sweetness, i will never forget it!!!
500g of Salt Baked Prawns. Cooking style same last the last night crab but different seafood.
Fish name dunno!! No knowledge about types of fish in the market. 1 thing for sure i know the fish is fresh from the sea! Never been placed into the freezer! The texture and taste of the fish is different from others.

That night only 3 of us sapu the 1kg of prawns bought from the market. When we were placing the order, we told the Lady Boss that we brought our own seafood u should see her face man! As black as charcoal ar! If i had a chance to take a picture of her i really will man!!!

The Next morning, Dint return to the Hotel Restaurant but followed mom out to a fishing village for breakfast.

Chamber of Salted Fish
Seafood Noodle
There is prawn, fish fillet, fishball and fish paste. EVerything seafood!
Fish Porridge. After eating my bowl of noodle, try the fish porridge is kinda tasteless. Maybe the noodle taste is stronger!
A stall selling fish beside the restaurant.
After meal, booked two lobster for lunch. Cost Rm50-60 per Kg.

Meet Billy and


Fried Squid with black sauce. Taste different from KL cooking style. Is sweet and salty with a weird taste. Cant really tell!! not bad!!

Stim Lobster. Texture of the lobster very nice to chew but the sweetness still lose to the prawns we had last night.

Stop drooling there! =P

This place the service was very bad!! bad until i wanna rate it 0/10! 2 person came took our order and we gave them the same order. Our dish of crab dint turn out but gave to another table + wrong dishes keep coming to our table!!

There was a English Tea House located on a hill not far from the hotel.

Serves tea and meal!

View over Sandakan town, unfortunately blocked by trees.
Apple Tea + Scone
Is Hard. Tasteless!
This rock cost RM6.50!! CRAZY!!!

Tropical Garden located at Bukit Bendera that has no bendera on it but a telecommunication tower.
Fried Sotong with black sauce. I kinda disappointed with this dish cause they used the yellow sotong instead of the white 1. yellow sotong like KL selling the Sotong Kangkung! Haihz
Kam Heong Fried Crab. too salty but gravy was very rich of belacan.
Sabah Vege
Stim White Bawal Fish.

Saturday early morning. 8.30am From Sandakan town traveled to Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. Local and international tourist has to pay different price for their entrance fee. Well local is only RM5 per-person.

What they looking at??
I wonder am i paid to watch the orang utan or I pay to let the orang utan see me. =/
Poor fella bored of see-ing humans

Oo in they wear shirt and yellow boots.Dont play play!!

Got posing sumore!! powderful sial!
Showing off it's talent. Hands and Feet same function!
Warm Hug!
Free transport to Feeding Platform. Ngek ngek ngek
All Share-share food on the Feeding Platform.

Last place to go, would be the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary.

Proboscis monkey are very wild and weird looking monkeys. Take a look!

Side View. Not weird enough??


U r now looking at a mirror!
Food Alarm
Once spotted food! the alarm trigger!!

Within few sec, these monkeys will run out from the forest and go to the feeding platform.
FAmily A
FAmily B
The Bachelor Group.
Those under age of 18 pls scroll faster and skip the next 3 pictures!








I Said Scroll fast y are u scrolling so slow??? FASTER

Vote for the best revolution!

Keep the answer to urself! XD
The tour ended with a lunch.

Fried Kuey Tiow. Looks tasteless??
Wrong!!! The Kuey Tiow is fried with fresh seafood, skinny Taugeh and Egg. Finishing with topping of minced dried shrimp. The combination smell and taste is just wonderful!
Restaurant Pasir Putih Baru. Located at Pasir Putih the other end of Sandakan Town.

Ginger Onion Manila Clams. The sauce is delicious! Mainly is because the freshness of the clam BUT this dish is expensive because the size and weight of the clam shell. The Clam inside very small!! Nothing much to eat.
STim Chuk Cheang Yu

Sabah Vege with Belacan. Very rare vege. Currently available in Sabah Only!!

*Consume too much of this vege is bad of health due to chemical sprayed on the plant. Once in awhile is ok!

Salt Baked Mantis Shrimp. 1 taste not very strong but most important it is fresh!!!

After the meal, mom and I guess the price of the meal...hers was RM86 mine 76.
Take a look!! RM100.10 for 2 person @_@

Last day in Sandakan, dint plan to eat seafood or too heavy food. Already had 4 days of seafood meal. Wow....really eat until gao gao!

Walk at their weekend market which sell alot of 2nd hand clothes and toys!! look at the colour also wanna vomit and the smell X.X

Give up the market, head for food. Found the most busy coffee shop in town.

Dim Sum. Nth Special Not veli Nice! is Cold and Hard!!!
Wat Tan Hor. Look ordinary but is delicious! Some how Chinese food must have "Wok Hei" kinda like Chef's skill!! Meat was replaced by fresh fish.
Check-in counters. Thats all. 1 counter to Philippines. 3 AirAsia. 4 MAS.
View from 1 end to another!
GoodBye Sandakan!

Of course wont be leaving Sandakan with 2 combs of bananas. Smuggled back some dried products, 3 big fish, 2 Kg or prawns and 5 lobsters. We should not be doing it but take risk! XD

Thats all about Sandakan. Stay tuned for the next update about the '89 Tour!!

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