February 23, 2008

-Long Lost Victory-

1.30pm, Friday Team [Mc] has been called for a match against a Mix Team. 1 of our member Datuk Lim Guan Hua could not make it, so i called my friend Andy aka Hornybee...ROLF

1st in Terrorist round our score 10-5. So happy but den once we switch to Counter-Terrorist for round 2.



Unfortunately we always play badly in CT =( but this time is diff!!! The game ends with the score of 15-8 means

WE WoN!!!!

It has been a long time we have not win & kinda rare we play matches. Well is a good start to compete in MMU open competition on 9th March 2008.

Den night "Hoi Toi" at Manda's hse. who was der let me see i can list out all anot..hmmmmm

Alvin, Jovy, Meng Yoei, Kent, Tiang, Yinli, Yein Mun, Julian, Kaili, Li Xian and 1 gal dunno apa name.

Well, tonight hu ever is the dealer. Tong Tong Chiang. There is no way can win!!! NOT even the host.

My own lucky was not too bad but compare with Li Xian. I Surrender.

She always get Blackjack or get higher points than the dealer. So me and Julian start to invest money into her spot which increase her bet to 5. Once blackjack money money money.

Whole night I only gettin money from her, hardly lost money from there. It is a good investment!! Ho-ho-ho

The party ends before midnight. Count Count Count Ada extra..weeeeeee
Menang!!! Finally all the losing in Wei Zhi, Meng Yoei and Kent's house. Haizzzzzzzzzzzzz

There goes CNY. No more Angpao and gamble jor =( Actually tomorrow still got, closing day for all of us but tomorrow im FORCED to work!!! DIPAKSA T_T So, cannot go!!! NOOOOOOOOO

Time to sleep jor. ZzzzzzZzZzZzZZ

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