February 17, 2008

-Lucky Rat Year for Snakes-

It has been a long time i dint update my blog. Kinda feeling lazy to update liow. Maybe these days dint go anywhere makan tiada syok to update it and sometimes i was thinking should i join KY anot???

During CNY in Spore i play Jimlammi very often. ALmost every night i play. Last year i been promoted to play alone with the higher ranking players in the family. Normally my Uncle or Mom will sit beside me and teach but not anymore.

My 2nd/4th/5th uncle/mom/eldest cousin are the top players. Their "skill" are really Gosh..when am i gonna be like dem. 2nd night of CNY me, 5th uncle, and my 2 cousin play. My luck tat night really black until "OMG...WTH...Wat Is Dis???" really wanna cry for help!!

End of the day i lost about 20+ and 1 of my cousin lost few bulks. Only my uncle and my cousin sister win. My cousin sister luck is really good!! my Good is really dam good! Althought her cards is really lousy but she got alot of joker and A's to collect side money and me 0!! NTH to recieve but give money!!!

$20+ sounds so small but once convert back to RM T_T *1 week of petrol* y spore currency is so strong??

Few hours before i leave Spore back to KL i found a feng shui magazine in the living room. Nth to do, so i mai open up and read. Actually i dont really believe in these stuff only my mom and cousin will study it.

It says for those born in the year of Snake, this year alot of things goes veli veli well and there is no financial problem. Only got some minor problem needs to encounter but i heard these phrase many many times liow. =.=

Yesterday i went to yinm hse bai lin with pui san, nico, ky, li yeong and henri. I learned a new game play with cards wihout money called hmmm dunno apa name for it.."The Killer"?? The game needs to be good in acting and con job <== Nico Special Skill!! XD

Den off we go to Pn.Ng hse with Yinm. Is a Djian teacher and i dont even knoe her!!! I just tag along with those orang XD Nico wanted us to Wish her 1 by 1 once she opens the door.

U knoe la. Gong Xi Fa Chai..Loong Ma Zhing Sann..San Zhong Lek Gin..etc etc
My greeting is the best "Hello" but they dont allow me =(

Chit Chat awhile den start gamble jor. Pn.Ng can say a good teacher. Good to be taught by her!! Y she dint teach my class?? She told us all the bad stuff happening in DJ and make us such a relief to cabut earlier.

Dealer of the day is me. At first business is good den start to pay pay pay pay until money gone =( . So, Pn.Ng gave me RM10 to me and i took out another RM10 to cont.
Wow...Luck totally change. The combination of Li yeong, me and Pn.Ng Bagus!! Cards cantik cantik. End of the day from losing back to winning. The money split up.

At night Hong Yee, Tiang, Julian, Andy and yein mun*not sure correct anot* XD came to my house and play cards. Since im the host, i be the dealer again lo. But there were additional game rules. Is sounds good but DEADLY!!!
  • Get 15 point can "burn" means forfeit the cards and get 2 new cards. Den must gandakan the bet but dealer cannot do tat.
  • 5 cards total point below 15 get triple pay.
  • Split*normal but rear*.
  • Investment *put money into winning players*

My advise try not to play the first 2 rules le!!!

End up all lost only me and ju won. I able to cover my lost in Spore. *Mm hou yi si guys. Yum Cha i belanja balik!!!*

"Monday night Mrs.Tan hse Bai lin oh..INGAT AR!!!"

Well is a good beginning for CNY. Hopefully the prediction is right!!!

Time to cont my assignment. Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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