August 13, 2009

-Journey Continues-

7.30am dragging myself into the bathroom and get ready for our journey. Ahhhh it was tough!
First : Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum

is another morning.

Ming Court is famous for their mini dim sum.

Every dish has different taste. Most important of all, it is not expensive!

Anyway we tried to control ourselves not to eat too much. We need some space in our tummy for lunch. We wont want to miss that meal!

I think is time to change the name.

Does anyone know what is this building??

Hotel??? No! No! No!

Is another Dim Sum Restaurant opposite Ming Court called Foh San. Never been in there. Time to bring the bank in!

After breakfast, we took a casual walk around the town and it goes black and white.........

The word "Foh San" sounds familiar??I Wonder izit the same??
I bet my camera is out-dated once i stepped in there!

Hardworking worker.

In this trip, we had a new discovery. A food that cannot be missed! NO WAY!!

Somewhere in Ipoh New Town.
Tau Fu Fah.

This is the BEST Tau Fu Fah i ever had. It is smooth and light. Once it goes into the mouth, it can dissolve straight away.

No doubt it cant sold out.

Number 1 in Town!!!

Black and White Continues.

Ticket Counter.....
Bought the Tickets...

Hair Cut in the Cinema.

Random Shots.........

After tour in town, we went back to my aunt's place and guess what?? No one is at home! End up, we went to Petronas wait for her. Thank God there are table and chairs.

What is the Similarity in the picture?

Horror!! NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!

Self taken with DSLR.

All of us is inside the photo. Who is the photographer? MAGIC!

Not long later, my aunt is finally home! We went back, pack our stuff and shower then off we go.

Before we head back to Town for lunch, we stopped by to buy some souvenirs.

Salted Chicken. Total bought 6 Chickens.

Our last destination, would be lunch in Old Town.
Kong Heng Coffee Shop.

This shop!!!! We drove around the town almost 40 minutes. Just to find this shop. Guess what, we dint realize, we keep driving pass it. Great!

Exhausted from driving and is the perfect time for a cup of

White Coffee with..

Shredded Chicken with Hor Fun and also


This is the lunch that cannot be missed. After all the effort we put into. Search for the place up and down. Puffff
According to Pui San this Mcd has the wrong color. All McD must be RED in color! =/

Before leaving Ipoh, we do what tourist always do....


Solid AR!!

hmmm look so wrong. Wooot

They say, i look like him! hmmmm DO i?
Know what is the meaning?
The Art of Seducing.
Hardworking Student.
NewBie Student.

I bet he is older than me!

Painting on the wall.
This temple has a stairway to all the way to the top of this rocky hill.

So near, Yet so Far!

Yes, We gave up the climbing!
Back to the car!

What can you see in this picture?

That's all for this Ipoh trip! I still want to go to Penang!!!! ROAR!!!

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