August 14, 2009

-Crazy Adventure-

Friday back from Ipoh and the next day dinner with group of friends.

Venue : Six to Ten Grill.
Time : 7 to 9.30.
Result : Sadness. Duwan blog about it.

That evening, Kin Yeu lost his direction to the place. So he called and asked for direction.

KY : Ei, where is the place?? Izit near Milkyway (Convenient Store opposite 6 to 10 Grill) ???
Me : Yea, there!!!

Few minutes later........

KY : I still cant find the place leh!!!!
Me : Where are you?? Any landmark??
Ky : Im somewhere near 6 to 10 grill.
Me : =.=! We are at 6 to 10 grill!!!
Ky : O.O

Wooootz. Pro driver in Petaling Jaya.

After dinner, Li Hui wanted to have some dessert. So i suggested Delicious, One Utama. They serve great cakes there! Suddenly, she also want to go to GENTING!! Wohoooo

I Supported her!!! =D

First of all, we head to One Utama.
Group photo as someone requested.

Carrot Cake. This is the most ... . . . . . cake. The coating is too sweet and I'm not a fan of Carrot Cake.
Strawberry Cheese Cake. Thick and Smooth cheese just goes down the throat smoothly. Is another wonderful Cheese Cake.

Chocolate Brownies!

This is marvelous. I'm not crazy about chocolate but after i had my first bite of this. Umh Mah!!! I dont mind for 2nd order. Hehe. The Chocolate is not too sweet. It is just right and it blends well with the ice cream on top of it.

Photo nice right??? Must be the lighting! >.< All of us got a complimentary Chocolate bar. I just realise Li Hui is behind!! OMG!!!!
Kin Yeu and his >.<

Lastly, we started our journey to Genting at 10.45pm.

Genting Supporters. Cheers!!!

End our day at 2.30am, Genting.

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