August 23, 2009

-Eating Marathon-

An ordinary dinner with Julian, Hong Yee, Chee Hoe and Tiang at Pantai Seafood Restaurant.

Cheese Baked Escargot.(snail)

Garlic Fried Chicken Look and taste alike.(Frog)

Deep Fry Prawn. (Free with voucher)

Kam Hiong Crab

Salted Egg Crab
Boss settle the bill. Tiang and I earned a meal by helping his father's factory setup 7 industrial racks. Chilling Job.

After dinner we had Rummy Session, Yum Cha Session and LAN session(DOTA). 4 pc GangBang my 512kb line. Kesian. Cant wait for the upgrade XD

Lastly, we drove all the way into KL city for supper.

Big Fat Juicy Fried Dumpling. Every dumpling will have a big prawn, minced juicy pork and vegetable wrap together and deep fry. 2 plates = 20 pieces dumpling.

Roasted Pork Noodle. Bouncy noodle serve with crispy fried garlic and roasted pork. The sauce that they used is sweet and the garlic taste enhanced the flavor. This dish 100% anti-Burmese =)
Claypot Rat Noodle. I Dont really like Rat noodles but for some reason i like this! I don't know how to explain but it is nice!

RM12 per-person.

This shop is located behind Jalan Petaling. Business hour : After Midnight. usually we go around 3am and the crowd is always WoW. My WoW means really WOW. If you are lucky, you might see some nice sporty car parked outside the shop.

I know someone cant wait to go there and waiting for it. =D

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