July 25, 2009

-Road to Finals-

Finally, my finals came to an end.Today 31 July 2009. Introduction to Management was the last and hardest paper of all. Y hard?? Imagine the lecturer gave us tips but we have problem finding answers. Is like I throw you into a supermarket and pick up some ingredient for a plate of fried noodle but could not get anything from there!!!

So I'm bloody the free until 17 September 2009. Call me out for badminton!! Date me!!!Makan Trips!! Movie!! Anything!!! About the date....keep it low =)

Lets start my update which stuck with me since god knows when...............

Let me introduce to you people, the coolest place on earth!

It is not just an ordinary starbucks. It is GENTING STARBUCKS!!! Nice environment and "scenery" =D

Order a drink, chill and have fun.



Sexy Back

The following picture you about to see, must always remain confidential. S~~~E~~~~X~~~~Y

not a blog reader. so SHHHHHHHH

That's all for now. Catch up with the next post.

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