July 3, 2009

-Down the Drain-

Final meal requested by Poh Eng Eu before leaving Malaysia.

People : Poh, Me, Chee Hoe, Meng Yoei(Burmist), Tat Hong, Shaun and Will Fred.

Restoran Kuai Lam , Subang Airport
Steam bun, came before anything else.

Fry Chicken Wings. Yawn. Rm2 for each! Lose to Jalan Alor's grill chicken wings
Fry Lala. Ewwwwww
Hokkien Mee. Fail as their signature dish! Unbelieveable
Grill StingRay. Costly and Average
Crab with Salted Egg. Average Dish
Failure Sweet and Sour Crab. The sauce is like from a instant thai chili sauce.

The Most Failure Fried Calamari i ever had!
Unsatisfied Customer

When a burmist say No to the food meaning it really Sarks!

Therefore, never go there people!! Dont waste your money and time! I already burned RM32 for the meal. Dont follow my footsteps!

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