July 5, 2009

-Fail Plan and Fail Friends-

One fine day, badminton 3.30pm until 5.30pm at Megah Court. Therefore, the story begins after 5.30pm.

After badminton, i go back shower, go to jo's place wait for her.
Beautiful evening in a stressful ride

Driver : Joanna Tan.

Her way of driving : Come out from JUNCTION DONT NEED STOP!


Wonder Why did I let her drive my car?? =/

Then, Li Yeong came fetch us to airport send Nico off.

These what happen during our journey.

1. Joanna lead us to LDP instead of Damansara Toll. What wrong?? Nobody would want to use LDP to Pushong at 7pm.

2.Everybody got the wrong time. I would say me the best. Dont even know what time is Nico's flight. ><

3. Traffic every where was bad.

4. Kelisa flying at 130 kmh.

5. Go cyberjaya pick Pui San.

Lastly we were late! So dint manage to send him off in time. Such a waste drive all the way until KLIA, so stopped for toilet break. Best Toilet in Town.

At the same time, the Cute Kelisa is fetching a car of hungry monster! It was already 8.45pm!!

Plan B, dinner at Dengkil.
Fried Butter Fish

Marmaite Spare Ribs

Lemon Chicken

The meal was fantastic! or maybe I'm too hungry? hmmmmm

Anyway, the food really taste great for such small restaurant in small town with bumpy road.

After dinner activity, i think leave it to Pui San to talk if she updates her blog. I lazy to press the keyboard liow. Im tired after rushing my assignment and badminton. Yawnnnn. Nitez People.

As what the oldies always says :

Sleep Early, Wake Up Early.
Good for Health!

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