December 21, 2008

Feeling Stress?? Feeling bored of heat?? Want to go to a place where u just eat and sleep?Well i have just a place to recommend

Keep on scrolling down =)

The place is under Pahang Darul Makmur

Driving along the road heading towards the destination, will get to enjoy some nice scenery.
See how nice isit!

What for pay thousand ringgit to China to see these view?

Can enjoy in the car and in Malaysia!!

We are almost there. By the way, the time for going to the place has to follow schedule. Even hours will be going to the place and odd hours will be getting out from that place.
Reason stuck in a Queue = bad time management.

Feeling pissed?? Fine stop killing ur monitor. I tell you where is the place!! I introduce u
still dunno?? Go kill yourself! Dont worry, I wont stop u!!

We stayed in a not very new not very old apartment.
-Silver Park- is a 2 room unit with kitchen. Misty and cold!!!

Indoor temp is around 20'C but outdoor can drop until 18'C

Up in Frasier Hill there is not activity like other places. It is not so commercialised like Genting or Cameron Highlands. Therefore, the best place activity up there is to sleep and eat.

Bringing own food up there is more advisable cause there isnt much restaurants. Here are the food we brought. Manage to capture portion of it only.
Homemade Nasi Lemak

Steamboat!! best!!!
This is called something. I forgotten the name but is made from pumpkin.

Food nothing much interesting. Next, follow by some photo we had outside.


There is a resort called Pine Resort. What so special about this resort? Let me show

There pine trees! Special right?? i know O=)

i wonder why there is an ella ella ella der. Is not even raining or sunny =/

-Misty and cold-

Nice name for a eating shop

From this wonderful vacation, i came back KL with a dislocated elbow and allergy. How wonderful!! Frasier Hill is only 2 hour drive from K.L.

Conclusion : Is a Wonderful place out from city life in a cold environment. Activity just eat and sleep. Nice 1 la!

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