November 8, 2008

-My Birthday Month-

The place i had for dinner during my Birthday. Thanks people for putting effort on that day. Most important, Thank You Soh Poh (Yu Chen) she plan everything on that day.
"Pui San i update faster than u =P"
FullHouse located inside NiuZeXui, Ara Damansara.

The following pictures will not have names. I forgotten liow. =(

Please ignore the person behind the drinks. TQ =)

"Yay, my bowl of noodle with sausage and egg. I can cook this myself!!! Aih, dont care. Lets EAT!!"

Miserable RM1.50 Garlic Bread

The only thing i remember about this place is. Food not impressive. Price WOW. Environment something special. Pay for the food presentation only.
View from our dining table.

Bossy Mammy =(
Shop Shop Shop Shop
Behind the scene*Hiding money*
Anything in here can be purchase.

Ohh can that really fit into u??

No Li Hui, it CANT fit u!!!! muahahahaha

Haudi Partner!!

Glass of martini?

Sunny day during the night =S

Comfy bed =)

Stylo Milo Mammy



Opps sorry >.<
WAHHH another 2 more >.<. So small place can fit them all in. is a MIRACLE

Hopefully both of them dint crack the floor. I dare not check. Later need to pay =(

Happy Ho Family. My 2 kids =)

Later on, is Birthday Cakes from "Cake Sense".

19th Birthday Cake.

Dont misunderstand! This is not mine. Is my niece, her Birthday on 3rd November and mine is 4th November.

This is Mine. My cousin bought for me!!

Birthday Gal with make-up. ngek ngek ngek

My 19th Birthday present from Soh Poh.

Xiao Chen. Is a She!!


She talks when she sleep?

I bet she is dreaming eating 1 big Kuachi!!

This cat has been targeting my xiao chen once she step into my house. Now she is trying to lick it!! BAD KITTY!!!

Got Happy Session also got Emo Session!!Fisher my new and only raquet.


Turn the other side!!

Clash with a "N***" wth man. Now this fella is like in ICU waiting to Die only!! T_T
I wonder is there any insurans for sports equipment?? XD

Sorry keeping the update for so long. Kinda very busy with stupid assignments. Got to go back for work. Be sabar people!! SABAR!!

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