February 6, 2009

-Final Post for 2009 CNY-

Yay...it finally reached to the end and I delayed 1 week to post this up. Hurray!! Gosh im going Nut case =X

Lets skip all the crap and take look of my Chinese New Year Dinner =)

Lou Sang with Smoked Salmon. Yummy to the fish =)

Gosh this looks familiar. =)
ohhh the red ribbon is missing =(

Annual Dinner. SteamBoat.

Every year my aunt keep saying the same thing. This year i reduce alot compare with last year. End up the balance can last us for 2 meals XD Anyway is a good thing. More food!!
Mushroom with chicken leg.

Abalone with sea cucumber. Dunno what is it? Please refer to www.google.com

Crispy Fried Fatty Prawns.

Braised Duck.
Steam Fish Fresh from the market.

This is not restaurant 9 course meal but home cook 6 course meal.

Credits to my aunt for the meal. =)

Gosh, CNY makes me fat =(
Time to reduce weight.

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