November 25, 2009

-Ampang LookOutPoint-

Hello readers, it has been a long looooooong time I did not post about food. Missed it??? Well, today is your lucky!!!! Food post is BACK!!

Located at the middle.

Tri-color Juice. Watermelon, Orange and Lemon.

Toast Garlic Bread with no Garlic.

BBQ Lamb Chop with sweet and sour sauce.

REMEMBER & REMEMBER~~~DONT ORDER THIS~!!! Best not to order steak or lamb. Just stick with Chicken or fish.

If you don't listen, will end up like this......

Wrestling with the lamb chop.

Grilled Fish. Go ahead with this.

There is nothing to complain about. =D

Special Sizzling Chicken.

Sauce same with the grill fish but the chicken itself have another taste. Besides that, there is a slice of ham with cheese on it. Combo makes fantastic taste.

with food of course got people......

Sam and ShinYee

Place + Environment = 3.8/5

*most important update : The watchtower already become a place for a restaurant to run their business. Is no longer a spot for photographer to place their tripod and take their time to snap the wonderful scenic view.

That's all for this food post.

Best is KISS~~~
(Keep It Short & Simple)


Princess said...

HAHA was WWF-ing with the lamb chop..LOL

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