October 10, 2009

-Great Plan-

I gotta feeling tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good good night

So, calls were out...dial dial dial

Attendance List : Me, HY, Kai Shan, Tiang, Yimz, Jackson, YiLing, Pui Ee.
Venue : BU12 Field.
My eyes blur or i did capture something?

Hehehe. Wat are we doing here?
Lighted BBQ stove at 10.15pm?
What is he doing???
Master Mind : Pour the bottle of charcoal lighter on it =D

The following action pictures are extremely dangerous.
Kids please don't try this at home.

Look how stress is Hong Yee.
Whose friend is this??

All we did.....

Have some beer

Laughter with old friends.

BBQ stove.

BBQ marshmallow with chocolate.
Of course not to miss this out.

Chocolate on Fire!

Marshmallow on fire!

Save them!!!!
Syok ^^V
How nice and enjoying!

2nd Action...........

and Wait~~~!

Project Explosion Fail!
Professor Jackson went to assist him.
Project Explosion x2
I need more@!!!
*Squeeze *Squeeze *Pour *Pour *Giggle
Light it up!
Further away from the people.

After few seconds.........................


Fire Squad satisfied with their work.
"worried face" >.< KaiShan : "Thank God Im still alive"
Happy KaiShan and Stress Tiang
Oh yeah Baby!! We are alive V^^V
Business Guru talking his philosophy
Students paying attention to him...hmmmm Serious Sam.

Ignore take 1
Ignore take 2
Everyone had a great time and I'm gonna missed it.
I shall end this post with an

Award Winning Shot of the Night.

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