June 3, 2009

-Melaka Tour '09-

Holiday does not end at Genting. Our road continues to until Melaka.

As we departured from KL after my class, which is in the evening. Traffic on the highway was terrible, vegetable!!! Accidents after accidents. Therefore, we stucked in a massive jam. Total duration to Melaka, 3 hours.

We had Free accommodation, Hong Yee's grandparent's house.

As for our first meal in Melaka which is Dinner, we went some place near to eat. We ordered fried noodle of 7 person portion and 1 pot of tea. Cost RM22 only.


After dinner settled, we head back to the house for ..............


The traditional way of playing Rummy.

That night, i manage to get a FREE breakfast in the morning =)

For the first night, Me and Chee Hoe manage to sleep for 2-3 hours only.

Reason : I was been attack by Insect Fighter Jets(Mosquito) and a Bullet train(Melliped) illegally crawling on my neck.
This is a Melliped.

As for Chee Hoe, Please refer to his blog for the story.

The next day activity is
Believe it anot.....

YES! We went to Zoo Melaka. ZOO!!! The last time we step into a zoo, since..........God knows!! Wohoooooo. Animal!!
City Boys
Faber Castle Model 1

Faber Castle Model 2
Faber Castle Model 3

Animal Lover Take 1
Animal Lover Take 2

Oo. What is behind there??

Chee Hoe emo with the kit lense. Same as i do =(

Is this a monkey or an ostrich?

Hong Yee was thinking black pepper or ginger flavour better?? hmmmmm

This animal is very meaningful to our group =')

After hours of walking in the zoo, everyone is exhausted. We drove to Jonker Street for some Ice Cooling Cendol:

This stall is beside Jonker 88 which is new to me and other people.

Cendol with Durian
Cendol with Mango
Comment : Gula Melaka got burned taste. Therefore, FAIL!!

Restoran Ole Sayang, located along Jalan Melaka Raya.

=.= Nice 1 Chee Hoe.

Special Chicken. A dish that cannot be missed.
Asam Fish Head

"Old People's Food" Brinjal in mysterious sauce.

Sambal Sotong


This is another good place for nyonya food besides Restoran Auntie Lee, Ujong Pasir.

Night does not end there, as for Supper:

McQuek's Sate Celup. Near the Old Newton Food Court.
Feel the freshness, feel the toilet aura.

Each stick cost RM0.55 only.
Take all you want from the fridge.

Dip it in and pay the bill.

Thats all for Melaka Trip. Another Trip is on the way. I FEEL it. Start Saving Money.

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